Lizenz: Shareware
Downloads: 51
Betriebssystem: Windows (?)
Datum: 28.09.2001
Größe: 760 KB
Herausgeber: www.gulaev.f2s.com

Beschreibung für TextViewer

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TextViewer is easy and fast text editor. Its basic features: Opening, editing, saving of any textual files with unlimited size. Any basic encodings, including Unicode and Rich Text Format (RTF) support. The convenient panel for fast change of the encodings. Automatic detection of encoding. Drag and Drop support. Unlimited Undo and Redo. URL-autodetection. OLE objects support (graphic images, tables, etc). Unique feature: automatic recognition and transformation of the character graphic tables. Multi-windows support. Search and replacement in the text. Working with the paragraphs (indents, text justification left, center, right, justify, fonts, numbering of paragraphs, tab-stops, tables). Printing, print preview, configuration of paper margins, borders, numbers of pages, etc. Command line support. Easy association to any types of textual files in Windows. Configuration of many options of interface by default. Up to five users interface saving. Multi-language interface and more...

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