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Automatic App Translator is an automated translation application for OS X 10.10 and up. Aimed at iOS and OS X developers, it seeks to ease the burden of translating and localizing applications, while providing a beautiful interface for personal translation management. This application primarily relies on two operations: 1) The ability to digest the files of a user-selected directory, read the content of files matching a particular extension (.strings, .xib, or .storyboard) and subsequently parse all user-facing strings. 2) To communicate with the Google Translate API, sending the individual strings (to preserve context) along with the pre-assigned language code, and retrieving the data while automatically saving the newly translated file. By translating files used in iOS and OS X interface development in this manner, the time and cost of localizing an application is greatly reduced. This will allow for more time and resources for development, testing and marketing, while allowing individual and small-business application development companies to produce a wider range of translated version of their application, thus allowing them to compete in a global market.

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